Wednesday June 7

Registration available from 1000

1300-1315: Welcome by Sten Grillner and Edvard Moser

1315-1415: Plenary Lecture:

Rui Costa – Columbia University
Starting new actions and learning from it

1430-1630: Poster and Exhibition (Session A)

1645-1815: Symposium Block – Parallel Sessions

1. Interneurons: Development, Subtypes and Networking
Chair: Esa Korpi – University of Helsinki1645: Juha Partanen – University of Helsinki
Development of GABAergic neuron diversity in the brainstem

1715: Jens Hjerling-Leffler – Karolinska Institute
Molecular and electrophysiological diversity of telencephalic parvalbumin-expressing interneurons

1745: Marco Capogna – Aarhus University
The key role of GABAergic neurons in amygdala networks

2. Modulation and Plasticity of Synaptic Transmission
Chair: Mai-Marie Holm – Aarhus University1645: Eric Hanse – University of Gothenburg
Modulation of synaptic and neuronal function by cerebrospinal fluid

1715: Bryndis Birnir – Uppsala University
GLP-1 and insulin modulate GABA signaling in amygdala networks

1745: Tomi Taira – University of Helsinki
Developmental modulation of hippocampal synapse dynamics by GluK1 kainateRs

1830: Bus to Stadshuset from Karolinska Institutet – Berzelius Street 3

1900: Dinner at Stadshuset – complementary for all who has signed up for the dinner – hosted by the city of Stockholm

Dresscode: Casual

Note that changes in program may occur.